Whimsy’s Signature Soy Candles

We have more than 20 amazing scents in Whimsy's Signature Soy Candle Collection.

We have more than 20 amazing scents in Whimsy’s Signature Soy Candle Collection.

If you have been to our shop in the last couple weeks, you would have seen us a little disheveled and disordered, in an outright mess even.

It isn’t because we are slobs and unorganized… ok maybe we can be a little unorganized, but truly there has been a good reason for our mess. Since early last week, we’ve been building our stock of our very own soy candles and we’ve been moving things around to accommodate.

Whimsy’s Signature Line of all natural soy candles include more than 20 of the most amazing aroma mixtures in beautiful antique vintage Mason jars; they burn clean, they burn long, and they burn completely. As a bonus, the warm soy wax is a great natural ointment for those cracked sore knuckles and fingers in this dry mountain air.

Whimsy’s Signature Line comes in vintage half-pints, pints and quarts because we love how those old jars look. Ever find yourself wondering what to do with that thin glass or tumbler after you burned through that sooty candle from those other candle companies? Well, we like our jars so much, we’ll buy them back from you when the clean burning soy is finished. That is if you can part with the beautiful, thick and wavy glass of an old Ball, Knox, or Atlas jar. Whatever you do, don’t throw them away because Whimsy is Green and so are we.

We’ve heard that scent is the most closely linked sense to memory and if you know anything about us here at Frog on a Limb Primitives, we love a good yarn. Besides a few of our older scents, we have 19 brand new scents that are almost guaranteed to trigger a memory and hopefully a good story. In fact, we have a nice little story for almost every one of our new scents.

It’s pretty easy to make a “Whimsy-cal” connection to some of our more Froggy scents like Fruit Fry Delight, a well named citrus blend; Fly Paper, an earthy honey smell; or one of our newest scents like Hoppin’ Hippy for the legendary Patchouli from the art circuits. But have you ever walked by the edge of a forest and experienced the cacophony of scents? We call that the Orchestra of the Woods for cedar, sage and blackberry.

All our new scents are listed below. Come in and let us tell you the story of each one… or just open up a fresh memory of your own.

Fruit Fly Delight — citrus blend
Song Tree — black cherry
Fly Paper — honey
Fly Soup — a relaxing cucumber blend
Swamp Bubbles — ocean air
Orchestra of the Woods — cedar, sage and blackberry
Unfroggetable — woody musk
Grandma’s Garden — lilac
Sweet Amphi-pea-an — sweet pea flower
Love Story — floral rose
Rocky Mountain Oxygen — lavender and vanilla
Hoppin’ Fizzy Pop — ginger
Morning Brew — coffee blend
Hot Toad-dy — oak barrel cider
Mountain Symphony — pine blend
Nuttin’ but ‘Nanners — banana nut bread
Bakin’ in the Woods — sweet pumpkin
Cin-a-moment — cinnamon blend
Hoppin’ Hippy — patchouli

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