We started with Why

WhyFor those who have become regulars at Frog on a limb Primitives, you know that I started helping Jessica with her business more than three years ago while I was still on active duty with the Army stationed at NORAD and US Northern Command. You might also know that I retired in December 2013 and spent nearly a year unemployed until I finally landed a very respectable position as a business development consultant with the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado.

It took me no time at all to learn that Jessica’s shop and the BBB were a perfect match and Frog on a limb Primitives had to be associated with this organization. I am now proud to say that Whimsy, our Frog on a Limb, is accredited and holds an A- with the BBB.

An unexpected benefit as a business owner working for the BBB, is that I have learned a great deal in a short time by talking with other business owners and studying many of the resources available to businesses. This has been a welcomed morale boost both for me as an individual and for Jessica and me as a couple struggling to keep our business afloat. Perhaps the biggest boost came from the book I was given, Start With Why by Simon Sinek.

Truthfully, the book is just an extension of an easily digestible, highly motivating business strategy - TED talk of about 18 minutes that Sinek is frequently asked to give and is available on YouTube. The premise of the talk, and the book, is that customers “don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

That comment resonated with me so much that I started going over in my mind what lead us to open Frog on a Limb Primitives in the first place, and then I looked at our website and realized we’ve been promoting “Why” since our very start because it was the most natural thing for us to do. Upon landing on our homepage, the first thing visitors see below the photos is the “About” column, which has stood unchanged for more than 3 years. That’s because it is evergreen… timeless. The column reads that “Frog on a limb Primitives is a unique store with a unique promise… Made in the USA… Recycled… Handmade… Preserving our Heritage…” and it goes on to describe each promise in detail. That is our why. It has always been our why.

We started Frog on a limb Primitives with “Why” and we will continue to build and grow our business with “Why.” Please come visit us in 2015 and ask us why!


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