Faith, True Peace and Love at Home

It’s tough times for everyone and lately that has really showed in the shop. A few weeks ago we talked about how we came about our name, Frog on a Limb, because opening up a primitives shop in Colorado where so few even know what a primitive is and with the economy being what it is, we were sort of going out on a limb. But we believe in our product, we believe in handmade and we believe in Made in the USA, and recently something happened to remind us of that, something that gives us hope we are still on the right track.

Though I’m not one to go around quoting verses, we go to church regularly and pray nightly for the good Lord’s blessing on our family, and on the business, but the last several weeks have really tested our faith. Since the holidays, sales have been down. We have rent to pay, utilities, restock, and of course our artists. We knew things would be slow through this period, but it doesn’t make it any easier to look out on an unseasonably warm and sunny day and see the streets empty of souls. It is discouraging to say the least and I was feeling pretty discouraged on just such a day yesterday as I was painting one of our small primitive signs for display.

A very pleasant lady walked in; I stood to greet her and told her about our shop, how everything is handmade in the USA and most of that is made right here in Colorado. She was happy to hear that as most are when they hear it for the first time. She walked directly over to our main table and to a small memento box I get from Salem Collection out of North Carolina. “This has a verse on it,” she said.

“Yes, many of our items do,” I acknowledged. It is very indicative of the primitive style, especially with the majority of our items from the Appalachians.

“The Lord is my shepherd,” she read the box aloud. “If you know him, he will bless you,” she said to me and I smiled.

She quickly noticed our Das Jam Haus jams and jellies made by a Mennonite family in Mike’s home of Greene County Tennessee also contain a verse or hymn on each one. She checked out with me, thanking me for making her day more pleasant. Among other items, I rang up for her the memento box with the familiar 23rd Psalm and two jams, one reading “True Peace,” as from John 14:27, and the other “Love at Home,” from a classic Christian hymn. Before I could return to my painting two more ladies came in and made several more purchases, one picking up my last memento box and a blueberry butter again with the words “True Peace.”

After the welcomed rush and much needed business of these three individual ladies, I finally returned to my painting and in that moment realized the sign I was painting read…





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