Whimsy Senses

Charly out of the box

We love Christmas at Frog on a Limb Primitives. The sights and sounds, the smells and tastes, and even the touch of Christmas, we try to express them all this time of year. The snow in Monument comes at the perfect time to caveat our outdoor lights and decorations. Carols and sleigh bells ring down […]

Remodeling the Outhouse

Ye Ole Outhouse has been pretty static and unused, and thankfully not for it's original purpose, for more than two years now. We hope some remodeling will turn it into a regular attraction. After all, it is 100 years old and full of… STORIES.

We’ve been doing some remodeling of a popular attraction of ours, namely our 100-year-old out house. We are so proud of it, we think you might be too. The new outhouse will serve the modern purpose of showcasing most of Jessica’s bath and body products, with some spillage into the nearby cast iron tub and […]

Back up for November


Apologies, we haven’t posted anything new here for a while, but if you are late coming to the website these last two weeks, you wouldn’t know that we have had some technical problems. And now that our site is back up, we’ve honestly been afraid we might break it again. But, this thing isn’t a […]

Happy Birthday Whimsy

It's a beautiful fall in Monument and marks our stores one-year anniversary in this town.

We’ve been at it for a year now, and it hasn’t been easy, but things get better every day leading us to believe the hard part is over. We first envisioned a primitives shop in May 2011 putting us on a search to not only find a location for our business, but to determine the […]

Pointed back to Colorado

FROG jam

We have had a great time visiting family in Tennessee, and we’ve accomplished a great deal for the shop on this trip as well. Our first big appointment in Tennessee was with our friends in Limestone at Das Jam House. We were already excited to pick up a few new flavors, peach and apricot, but […]

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