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Owning my own primitive store in Colorado has long been my dream. Together with my husband Mike, we flexed our resources to make that dream come true.

I grew up with the crafts of my Mother, Grandmother, and other women in my family from West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

I have a degree from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I sketch, paint and create on, and with all types of materials, but I prefer to use discarded, recycled materials to create whimsical works of art to be worn or displayed.

Additionally, Mike and I share the same style and appreciation for all things primitive. By combining our talents and searching out artisans with similar talents and style, we have been able to open a venue for our work and the work of many others.

After struggling with a few different options to name our store, we fell in love with “Frog on a limb” as a way of expressing my interest in frogs, the whimsical style of our primitive shop, and the fact that we are taking a chance, “out on a limb” as one might say, starting a business in this economic environment. But we have gone “out on limb” for what we believe to be more than just a business. In fact it’s a mission, as we like to boast, Frog on a limb Primitives is a “unique store, with a unique promise,” or maybe we should say promises:

  • Made in the U.S.A! In a time when hundreds of billions of dollars in retail sales are being funneled to China, how many can make that promise? We have a personal relationship with all our artisans hailing from places like Colorado, California, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Nova Scotia… Ok, that’s Canada, but we are not ashamed. In fact we are proud to deal in the early colonial crafts of one of our artisans living in the land of our brothers and sisters to the North.
  • Recycled! A key trait of primitives is to make old new again; to add a little muse and whimsy and transform the worthless to valuable.
  • Handmade! Our artisans love what they do and they do what they love. All of our products are cut, turned, sewed, sanded, painted, poured, hammered, nailed, fixed, fastened, mixed, matched, batched or baked by human hands.
  • Preserving our Heritage! I grew up with the craft of my mother and father, and the rest of my family all around me. If we don’t endeavor to preserve our heritage, when our parents are gone, their skills will be lost for posterity.

So our store is a gamble to add whimsy to life, to make handmade in America popular again, to conserve our resources and preserve our heritage. Our shop… our dream… our idea… is a Frog on a Limb.


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